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Service Change Out (Electrical Panel Change)

Many people are unaware of the danger of some electrical panels and are therefore brushed over in a home inspection report. Little do people know the dangers these panels put your home in. See below for more information. 

Load distribution solutions

Replacement of Zinsco-Sylvania and Federal Power panels

Please do not underestimate the importance and danger of your home distribution panels. These panels distribute power that can melt the wire in your walls and burn down your house! California does not need another fire! For information related to the common types of pannels that need to be replaced follow these links:



If you would like your electrical distribution panels replaced please contact us below with relevant information and we will begin working on a unique solution for you. 

Service Upgrades

Has your house outgrown its original power supply? Are you constantly resetting breakers after turning a new device on? We can help!  We can change/upgrade your electrical panel from the common 100 amps to 200 amps or what ever your needs are.  Our electricians are fast and clean, most often completing the job in the time you are at work. 

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